Welcome to my first food blog. I thought as a post graduation project, and a summer filled with uncertainty about my future, I could document my culinary adventures, and perspective on food. My life is centered on being active and eating well. I have always enjoyed the food preparation process, and take pride in the creations that come to life from a pool of individual ingredients.

The cold days of winter soups have hopefully passed, and a new season is upon us. Summer is the perfect time for fresh vegetables accompanied by days spent exploring the outdoors. Even with the sun beaming outdoors I don’t think that will stop my baking obsession.

I am becoming more and more experienced with gluten free baking in particular, due to my mother’s gluten sensitivity. Almond flour is a miracle blend, and there are a myriad of other flours and substitutes with enormous potential. Packaged gluten free goods are filled with unhealthy additives, and often compensate with increased sugar in attempts to create a product identical to its gluten counterpart, which I do not support. My gluten free baking may not taste exactly like people are used to, but sometimes that unique flavor is even better!

I love reading food blogs, exploring pinterest, and flipping through my cookbooks for inspiration, but I also enjoy taking what I have in the kitchen and creating something different, something of my own.

I’m excited about this blog, and the chance to document both through photography and writing, my culinary experiments, and hopefully give any readers some new ideas.